Many individuals in Texas enjoy sharing their lives and keeping in touch with friends and relatives online through social media. When involved in divorce proceedings, however, posting sensitive or intimate details online may backfire. Under certain circumstances, legal issues may develop that could hinder or complicate the marriage dissolution process. 

Social media activity during a breakup may help an ex-spouse gather evidence to introduce in court. According to Psychology Today, private messages exchanged through social media may help to prove that an individual engaged in an extramarital affair. Even when there is no physical contact, some spouses may view their significant other’s emotional attachment or connection with another individual as proof of an affair. Evidence that might paint a picture of a cheating spouse could complicate a divorce or result in an unwanted outcome. 

Child custody issues 

When a spouse attempts to gain full custody of the couple’s children, images of his or her new relationships or lifestyle may provide evidence of alleged unfitness. If an individual is posting pictures while having a great time at parties and nightclubs, an ex-spouse who wants to paint the hopeful parental custodian as not responsible enough to take care of the kids may very well succeed. If an individual enters into a new relationship with a much younger individual, it may help to demonstrate the unsuitability of an individual for parenting or extensive visitation rights. 

Alimony and financial support 

It might appear as though most individuals who post images of themselves online do so in a way suggesting expensive tastes. Whether it is a new car, an exotic vacation location or luxury goods, online pictures may help convince a family court judge that an ex-spouse can afford significant alimony or child support payments. Maintaining records and receipts might serve as a defense to show that the lifestyle portrayed online is somewhat fabricated and unlike an individual’s real-life circumstances. 

Aside from helping to minimize the stress and emotional turmoil, keeping a low profile online during the divorce process may bring about a smoother transition to the next chapter. 

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